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Kids love the water, so let them love it for longer. UV protective swimwear is great for fun in the sun, but wearing this alone will do little to keep your child warm in the water. Bubbaducks Splashsuits are genuine neoprene wetsuits for babies and young children to help keep them warm in the water - ideal for use in the pool or in the sea.

Bubbaducks' Splashsuits have been specially designed for young children and so they expand in both height and width as the child grows. Our Velcro fastening system means that they are also really easy to get on and off - unlike adult wetsuits, no squeezing is required! Our wetsuits are the only baby and children's wetsuits to be endorsed by Swim Australia.

Bubbaducks is an Australian owned business and all of our wetsuits are made in Australia, so you can be assured that when you buy from Bubbaducks, you are not only buying the best quality products, but also that your purchase is supporting the Australian economy.

Bubbaducks believe that teaching your child water safety skills is very important from an early age and that water familiarisation and swimming classes should not be put off because of temperature. If you haven't already taken your child to a swim class, our swim school pages can help you find one nearby.

Bubbaducks Children's Wetsuits

Splashsuits - Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our products and services.
If however your question is not answered here then please email us at info@seatec.com.au and we shall endeavour to answer them as quickly as possible.

What size should I order?

*Approximate age. It is important that your wetsuit fits tightly so please use the measurements rather than the age when choosing a size.

When will my child need a splashsuit?

Bubbaducks wetsuits can be worn in indoor and outdoor swimming pools, the sea or in lakes and rivers - wherever you want to take them swimming! There are limits to when the wetsuits should be worn though - they are designed to be used in water that is between about 18 and 30 degrees Celsius. Any cooler than 18 degrees, the water will simply be too cold for your child without them needing a full body wetsuit. Any warmer than 30 degrees, the water should be plenty warm enough for your child to enjoy swimming without needing a wetsuit, unless your child is of a particularly small build.
Remember that even though the air temperature outdoors may be quite warm, the water temperature can still be quite cool, so a wetsuit will allow your child to stay in the water for longer.

How much warmer will my child be when wearing a splashsuit?

This is a very difficult question to answer as it will depend on so many factors such as the temperature of the water that you are putting your child into, the air temperature, the age and build of your child, and how much activity your child is doing in the water.
What you can expect is that when your child first enters the water the wetsuit will fill with water. Initially, if the water is quite cold, this will still feel quite cold to your child. Very quickly though, your child's body heat will warm the water that is trapped inside the wetsuit next to their skin and they will feel warmer.
It is very important that the wetsuit fits quite snugly on your child, particularly around the core of their body - arms and legs that are not covered by the wetsuit they may be cool to the touch when your child has been in the water but their core should be warm.

Will my child float in a splashsuit?

No. Bubbaducks wetsuits are not designed to be a floatation device, and your child will not float when wearing one alone. The splashsuits, like all wetsuits, will give your child a little buoyancy because of the nature of the material that they are made from, but this will not be anywhere near enough to make them float.

Does my child need to wear a swim nappy under the wetsuit?

Yes, if your child is not toilet trained then he or she will need to wear a swim nappy underneath the wetsuit when in a public pool. Swim nappies are used to contain any little accidents that may occur whilst your child is in the water. You must use special swimming nappies in the water because normal nappies, including normal disposable nappies, will soak up the water and become heavy and bulky.

Will the splashsuits protect my child from UV radiation?

Bubbaducks wetsuits have not been specifically tested for their SPF rating but for those parts of the body which are covered by the wetsuit, your child's skin will be protected from the sun's UV radiation because they are 3mm thick. However, if it is a hot day and your child is not in the water, you may not want to keep your child in their splashsuit becuase they might overheat.
You can of course put sun protective clothing on underneath the splashsuits, and don't forget a hat!

How long will the splashsuits fit my child?

This obviously depends upon the current size and growth rate of your child. Because very young babies grow at such a phenomenal rate, Splashsuit Baby size 00 will probably fit for up to 5 months for an average size baby, as with all baby clothes this size. Splashsuit Baby size 0 will fit for a longer period of up to 10 months because baby's growth rate has already slowed when they reach this size. Size 1 will fit for about a year before being outgrown, sizes 2/3, 4/5 and 6/7 will fit for approximately 2 years.
By popular demand, we introduced a new size of Splashsuit designed to fit big-for-age babies and small-for-age toddlers. This size 0.5 may fit for up to a year.
And of course, Bubbaducks Splashsuits are made to last, so once your child has outgrown their splashsuit, it can be retained for other family members to use for years to come!

Bubbaducks Children's Wetsuits

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"...As keen water skiers, we spend a lot of time by the water as a family... The splashsuit is perfect for keeping the little ones warm and protected as they play in the water with us."
Mark Beretta
Sunrise Sports Presenter
Seven Network Australia
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