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Special size. Adjustable warm swimwear for early walkers and small-for-age toddlers.

If you're looking for swimwear for your baby or toddler, why not consider a baby wetsuit or infant wetsuit from Bubbaducks?

At this early stage your baby is very vulnerable to temperature variations and the debilitating effects of cold. Experiencing water for the first time can turn into a miserable and stressful activity if you're not careful and prepared.

The best way to remove concerns about how your baby will cope with water temperature is to make sure they're securely wrapped in their own constant layer of warmth and comfort.

And the only way to do that reliably is with a genuine neoprene wetsuit.

Bubbaducks' Splashsuits are cute colourful little wetsuits for babies and infants. Our baby wetsuits open out completely flat so they are really easy to get on and off, and of course they are soft and comfortable to wear. We also have a special size wetsuit for early walkers or big-for-age babies which is the same design as our older children's wetsuits.

Our wetsuits are made from 3mm thick neoprene (the same material as adult wetsuits), and keep your baby warm when swimming by holding an insulating layer of water next to the skin.

Even heated pools are still too cold for many young babies. If you want your baby to get used to the water and enjoy learning to swim, a Bubbaducks' infant or baby wetsuit will be a valuable aid.

  • Baby can begin vital water familiarisation from as early as 3 months old
  • Keeps baby warm and helps them feel safe and secure
  • Makes baby much easier to hold - no more slipping out of hands
  • So easy to get on and off - lay baby on top and wrap wetsuit around
  • Sturdy velcro fastening - no nasty zips to bite baby's skin
  • Adjustable to expand as your baby grows - your investment lasts longer
  • You can take baby swimming all year 'round - no need to wait for a hot day!
  • So strong and long lasting you can use it again and again for any future family additions

With a Bubbaducks' wetsuit, you can take your baby to the pool or beach and be secure in the knowledge that they'll be happy, and well on their way to becoming water wise.

It's important to keep them swimming:

Babies tend to forget things quickly if they stop doing them for a while. But with a wetsuit on there's no need to wait so long between swimming sessions due to weather or temperature considerations, your baby won't forget the water experiences they've had, and you won't have to start from scratch to build up their confidence again.

Does your baby have sensitive skin?

If your baby has sensitive skin or eczema you may find these conditions are aggrevated by the chemicals put into swimming pools. Obviously, more chemicals are required in warmer pools in order to keep bacteria levels down. Using a Bubbaducks wetsuit means that you have the choice to take your baby to a cooler pool, which may not aggrevate their skin condition as much.

It's easy to get your Bubbaducks baby wetsuit on and off:

  1. Open the wetsuit out flat and lay baby on top
  2. Draw bottom flap up between baby's legs
  3. Bring the side flaps under baby's arms and fasten together
  4. Bring the straps over baby's shoulders and fasten to the body. The wetsuit should be fastened as snugly as possible for maximum warmth
  5. Simply pull the wetsuit off to remove. (No more clingy bathers - our wetsuits come off in seconds!)

Bubbaducks' wetsuits for babies make a great gift idea too!

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