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SEATEC AQUASUITS PTY LTD is a manufacturer of HIGH QUALITY water sportswear. It brings together years of experience in research and development with the diving industry, culminating in the products we offer today.

Material choice, production methods, overall quality and presentation have all been refined to offer the best possible product. The company is AUSTRALIAN OWNED and the products are manufactured in our SYDNEY FACTORY, then shipped not only Australia wide but also to the competitive international market.

Bubbaducks’ Wetsuits
Wetsuits for babies, and wetsuits for kids

Traditionally when you think of swimwear for children you think of UV sunsuits. Whilst this swimwear is great for protecting your child from the harmful effects of the sun, alone it will do little to keep them warm in the water.
Bubbaducks’ Splashsuits are cute, colourful little wetsuits made from neoprene, and designed specifically for children. Just like adult wetsuits, the insulating layer of neoprene works by minimising the amount of cold water next your your child’s skin.

Bubbaducks Children's Wetsuits

Our wetsuits are available in two designs: one for babies, and one for young children

Baby Wetsuits
Baby Wetsuits
Kids Wetsuits
Kids Wetsuits


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