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The COOL way to stay WARM in the water!

Kids love the water, so let them love it for longer. UV protective swimwear is great for fun in the sun, but wearing this alone will do little to keep your child warm in the water. Bubbaducks Splashsuits are genuine neoprene wetsuits for babies and young children to help keep them warm in the water - ideal for use in the pool or in the sea.

Bubbaducks' Splashsuits have been specially designed for young children and so they expand in both height and width as the child grows. Our Velcro fastening system means that they are also really easy to get on and off - unlike adult wetsuits, no squeezing is required! Our wetsuits are the only baby and children's wetsuits to be endorsed by Swim Australia.

Made in Australia

Made in Australia

Bubbaducks is an Australian owned business and all of our wetsuits are made in Australia, so you can be assured that when you buy from Bubbaducks, you are not only buying the best quality products, but also that your purchase is supporting the Australian economy.

Bubbaducks believe that teaching your child water safety skills is very important from an early age and that water familiarisation and swimming classes should not be put off because of temperature. If you haven't already taken your child to a swim class, our swim school pages can help you find one nearby.

Bubbaducks wetsuits - surfwear for children
"...As keen water skiers, we spend a lot of time by the water as a family... The splashsuit is perfect for keeping the little ones warm and protected as they play in the water with us."
Mark Beretta
Sunrise Sports Presenter
Seven Network Australia
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Splashsuits endorsed by Swim Australia

Bubbaducks' Splashsuits endorsed by Swim Australia

Posted: 30/10/2005

We are pleased to announce that Bubbaducks' Splashsuits are now endorsed by Swim Australia. Following tests of our Splashsuits by Swim Australia, it was concluded that they would be particularly useful for home pools, outdoor swim schools and other settings where a breeze is blowing across the water. A child's body temperature and comfort is a major factor in enjoyable and successful swimming lessons, however because of the small amount of buoyancy provided by all wetsuits we recommend that Splashsuits are not worn for the entire lesson so that the child is given some time to experience their full body weight in the water as well.

CCF Logo

CCF Australia

Posted: 3/3/2005

Bubbaducks now supports CCF Australia, a charity that works in partnership with local communities in more than 50 developing countries to reduce poverty and improve the wellbeing of more than 5.5 million children and their families.